Scientific photography

The use of photography in science is as important today as it was when photography was first invented. Look at what is possible by viewing the galleries and pages on this site.

Personal Injury Photography

I have been a personal injury photographer for over 30 years and have published and presented about this area of photography. Please contact me for cases in the East Midlands region at d.bryson@cladonia.co.uk.

Training and development

As a lecturer I have experience in developing courses and learning experiences. Please contact me about support for learning about scientific and personal injury photography.

"Letting you take control of your camera"

Finger pressing shutter: Do you understand the symbols on your camera?I have spent many years learning how to take photographs, especially medical, personal injury and scientific, and over that time I have helped hundred of student learn how to take photographs and develop their photographic skills.

My philosophy has always been to help students to learn how to use their camera. If you know how to use your camera, how it works, which lens is best used in which situation, what lighting can achieve then you can concentrate on what you see through they viewfinder.

If you are always worrying about which settings to use or always using your camera on programme or automatic then your vision will be limited as you struggle to achieve your personal vision.

If the thought of changing your cameras settings to manual frightens you then you need to learn how to take control of your camera not let it decide what kind of photograph to take for you.

Are ready to switch to manual?

If you want to take the next step to learning how to take control of your camera go to the learning materials at learn2photograph.com.

Already made the switch?

If you have made the switch to manual but want to learn more about scientific photography or personal injury photography sign-up to my website or go to learn2photograph.com to learn more about photographic specialisations.